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Resources to Help You Enjoy Great Sex Every Day

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New Sexual Experiences

Sex is more sensual and thrilling when it goes beyond the ordinary. Sticking to the same habits and positions every day, makes partners bored about sex. New experiences like anal sex, oral sex and other kinky stuff will make the experience better for both of you. However, take time to prepare for any new sexual experience. If you have a regular partner or wife, discuss your fantasies. Find something that will you both find fun, pleasurable and worth trying.

Self Pleasure

It’s said that one must love themselves first before asking others to love them. Same case applies when it comes to enjoying great sex. Great sex requires clear understanding and embracing self satisfaction. Masturbation and other forms of oral sex are instrumental when it comes to attaining self pleasure. They will get you and your partner in the right mood for ecstatic sex.

Food for Increased Sex Drive

It’s important that you eat properly when having sex severally. But, sex nutrition is not the same as being on a diet. In addition to your normal meals, there are super foods that you should eat to boost sex drive.

Apart from trying this, communicate with your partner properly. Discuss your sex needs and desires during sex. That will let each partner know how to act, what and where to touch to ensure greater mutual satisfaction.

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