Is a Sexless Marriage Possible?

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Sex provides a great way to keep fire in a marriage burning. In fact, sex is among the major things that distinguish marriage from the platonic bond that you share with other women and men. The urge for physical intimacy in a marriage can drop after having kids. However, complete lack of it is a serious problem that you should solve as soon as possible.

A sexless marriage implies that partners have little or no sexual intercourse. In the United States, it is estimated that about 2% of marriages are sexless.

If both partners are okay with the idea of not having sex, there is no cause for alarm. But, that’s a rare case. In a sexless marriage, one or both partners feel really hurt and frustrated by the situation. Nevertheless, it still happens in marriages due to varied reasons.

Common Causes of a Sexless Marriage

Some of the major causes of a sexless marriage include Suggest by las vegas asian escorts:

  • Disparity in sex drive or libido
  • Conflicts in relationships
  • Punitive reasons where one partner intentionally refuses to engage in sex with the other
  • Infidelity
  • Negative feelings between partners
  • Erectile dysfunction

Other reasons for a sexless marriage include history of sexual abuse, childbirth problems, stress and depression, boredom, and pornography addiction among others.

How to Fix a Sexless Marriage

The fact that you are in a sexless marriage points to a significant problem that should be effectively addressed if you are still interested in maintaining your marriage. It’s apparent that the situation of your marriage may be occasion by one or several reasons. However, some issues can be resolved and others that may not.

Asian escorts recommending few pointers on how to fix a sexless marriage:

  • Identify the specific reasons for little or no sex in your marriage
  • Talk to your partner about the circumstance
  • Put sex in your routine to create anticipation
  • Take up new hobbies together with an aim of renewing your love and rekindling the spark.
  • Visiting a doctor and a professional counselor or sex therapist for advice.

Since marriage is not entirely about sex, there is a possibility that couples can have a sexless relationship. But, if the situation is caused by something that the couple can fix, it is important to work on it as soon as possible. Even if your marriage is sexless because of something that’s beyond your control, talk about it and have a common understanding before you look for other ways to deal with the frustration.

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