My First Sex Experience with Asian Escorts

Asian Escorts

I always wondered why my friend preferred asian escorts until I decided to give it a try. Well, I must admit that this was the turning point of my perception towards these companions. I recall that Wednesday very well. I woke up and went to work the way I did any other day of the week.

At work, I met really bothersome clients. My co-workers were not willing to help with office work. So, I had to do everything myself. By the end of the day, I felt extremely tired and in need of some pampering. As usual, I decided to engage a companion though this time I opted to try an asian escort.

The Date

I went through the gallery of a local agency and identified a babe that looked extremely gorgeous. I booked her and invited her over for dinner at 7PM at my apartment. I catered for everything including taxi. I prepared my apartment and made dinner then relaxed on the coach waiting for her. And finally, my asian pornstar arrived right on time.

She was dressed elegantly with makeup that made her look just the way she appeared on her gallery photo. Her beauty compared to that of a beauty goddess. I must admit that her soft skin and sexy eyes made my heart skip a beat the moment I saw her. I lost myself for a minute when she hugged and kissed me softly. Our meeting was friendly, casual, fun, and relaxing. I served my escort teen dinner after which we had wine.

The Experience

My temptress offered to clear the table after dinner and that’s where the real sensual experience began. She drew close to me to pick the plates with her boobs all over my face. I couldn’t resist the urge to touch so I just found my hands caressing her. She played submissively and eventually we moved to bed. She sat on my lap undressing me while I played with her breast and booty.

Within minutes, my asian pornstars and I were completely naked with her on top of me. I was consumed by the heat of the moment and the last thing I recall was having the courtesan work on me with her mouth as I climax. The experience was intense and extremely sensual. She finally massaged me after which we both had a shower. We spent a few minutes in my apartment after which the beauty goddess left.

I enjoyed my first sex experience with the asian escorts in las vegasand since then I have always invited her over for the same sensually fulfilling experience.

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